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Structural Rejuvenation

January 17, 2023

There are 2 broad ways to classify cosmetic injectables: those that rejuvenate and those that are structural. Combining the 2 is the basis of my Structural Rejuvenation package.

Here, the aim is to tackle multiple facial compartments using various densities and injection techniques. This 4 stage process of Lifting, Anchoring, Scaffolding and Creating have the ability to match surgical results in the ideal candidate. A thorough assessment and artistic eye is important when selecting ideal candidates and determining quantities to be used.

Are you interested in achieving results like this? Medical professionals can learn how with our Artistic Facial Transformation Course, developed and taught by Dr. Zack Ally himself.

If you’re interested in having these treatments as a patient in our Harley Street clinic please visit our clinic website for more information, pricing and availability.