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Derma Medical Mid-Facial Rejuvenation/ Cheek Contouring


Signs of facial ageing begin with volume loss and fat pad descent in the mid face, namely the cheek area. This leads to formation of other lines and jowling lower down in the face. In order to rejuvenate the face overall, mid-facial volume replacement, structure creation as well as natural contour is a must.

Equally in younger patients with no loss of volume, a similar approach can be used to add a degree of visible contour and shape in the cheek/ mid face, further enhancing facial proportions/ ratios.

What Can Be Done?

The Cheek rejuvenation/ contour treatment allows us to add high density filler in this area helping to lift, anchor and define the mid face. All this is done without the need for invasive surgery using a high density dermal filler with cosmetic cannula.

A suitable candidate for this treatment must either have sufficient volume loss with hollowing or flattening of the cheeks OR a slimmer oval face shape that will benefit from contouring of the cheeks. Models may be asked to provide photos of the treatment area prior to treatment to assess your suitability for teaching purposes.

If you are a Medical Professional wishing to learn this treatment, check out our Cosmetic Cannula Masterclass on our Training Academy Website.