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As these treatments are performed for educational purposes, we only accept models who have not done any lip filler treatment in the last 6 months.

Not all people are blessed with Angelina Jolie’s puffed lips or Kylie Jenner’s ”natural” lips. Some people have naturally full lips, but with age, our lips can thin out and wrinkles can begin to form around our mouths. With lip enhancement, you can get more definition in your lips and regain your youthful fullness that will really increase your self-confidence.

The lip area is injected with a soft filler to give fullness. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and can be used to deal with a whole variety of inadequacies such as ”smoking lines”, wrinkled lips or to mark the ”cupid arch” (V-shaped top of the upper lip). This relatively simple and non-surgical procedure provides an interesting alternative for those who need a rapid improvement to the lower part of the face. This is a treatment that is ideal for those women who have lost fullness in their lips due to aging (we lose 50% of our lip volume at age 50) or for those women who feel the need to improve the natural size and shape of their lips.

There are two options for treatment with lip filler:

  • Forming – which means that you spray thin linear lines of soft skin filler superficially over the ”vermillion limit” that surrounds the lips. This is perfect for you with small shapes and lines or if you just want to raise the tones of the lines that already exist.
  • Volume – which means that you inject deeper into the ”wet-dry” boundaries of the lip to add substance to the entire lip, which can even create a ”soft-put” when fillers are injected centrally. Volumization can also be combined with design to create form and volume at the same time.