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Derma Medical Jaw Reduction for Wide Jaws


Botox jaw reduction is a specialized technique for reducing the width of the jaw and transforming an overly square jaw into a more attractive oval or heart-shaped face. In some people, the masseter strengthens the muscle, which is a masticatory muscle, which provides extra face width. Botox selectively degrades this muscle over time, leading to an overall reduction in the size of this muscle. In the past, jaw reduction with surgery was the only option for many people. The operations resulted in long recovery times, inconsistent and unnatural results.

Now Botox has revolutionized facial reshaping. Botox enables changes in the shape of the face without a scalpel, pain, swelling and zero dead time. The procedure is quick and virtually painless and can also help with medical conditions such as bruxism (gnashing of teeth).

Why do we treat wide jaws?

The masseter muscle (which is a chewing muscle on each side of the jaw) is strengthened in some people and creates a more square shape of the face. Botox jaw reduction is a specialized treatment to reduce the width of the jaw and lower part of the face and give it a more slim and oval shape. The treatment is also effective for patients who grind their teeth (Bruxism), and for these patients Botox can reduce pain and tension in the jaw. The technology makes it possible to change the shape and contour of the face quickly and easily without either a scalpel, pain or swelling.

How do we treat wide jaws?

We place 4-5 relatively painless injections in the Masseter muscle on each side of the jaw. During the next 4-6 weeks, the size of the muscle is reduced and thus the width of the lower part of the face. The result lasts around 4-6 months and needs to be repeated at longer intervals for each treatment you undergo.

Models at Derma Medical can expect the same high quality of products and results as in salons/clinics, but at the same time save over 50% on the treatment price.

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For those with a medical background who wish to learn how to perform the treatment, please visit our course pages Basic Course or  Combined Course  for more information.

Treatment time

30 minutes

ProcessBack to everyday work/job


Results are seen within

4-6 weeks

Results last

4-6 months, lasts longer for each treatment you undergo


Can be obtained if needed, but usually not needed as the treatment only feels like a small mosquito bite.

Side Effects & Complications

Redness and mild swelling that disappears within 10-20 minutes. If the dose is too high, weakness of the injected muscle may occur, which may temporarily affect the chewing effect.

Price in clinic

4000 SEK

Derma Model Price

1500 SEK