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Derma Medical Facial Countouring & Cannula Masterclass Combo


Derma Medical Facial Contouring Masterclass


Derma Medical Cannula Masterclass


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The 2 day combined Facial Countouring & Cannula Masterclass is a popular option for practitioners looking to level up in aesthetics.

Our facial contouring masterclass is aimed at injectors who want to learn the latest advanced techniques for defining and sculpting facial features. 

This unique masterclass training is in a class of its own and a huge favorite covering many advanced facial contouring treatments (which others teach individually) in one course. The course covers injection techniques that have been developed over many years by the most talented and experienced aesthetic practitioners in the world. The amazing results for the models during the course speak for themselves!

The delegate will learn to use both needle and microcannula for cutting edge skills, in-depth anatomy and theory followed by hours of hands-on training on models in a real, clinical setting.

The Cosmetic Cannula Masterclass is a course designed around the fundamentals of anatomy and cosmetic cannula use. This masterclass is one of its kind and covers advanced facial contouring procedures using only the microcannula technique, not covered elsewhere. Pioneering techniques will be taught covering in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of hands-on practical training on live models in a real-life clinic setting.

Areas of focus within this course are the treatment and correction of Temple Hollowing, Forehead and Glabellar line filling (upper facial rejuvenation). It also covers the popular Surpra-orbital lifting technique to achieve a filler brow lift. Finally, midfacial rejuvenation and contouring of the cheeks using a cannula is also covered in detail. These are treatment areas of high demand and interest with limited practitioners able to perform these techniques, it allows you to further your patient attraction and retention in practice. It also maximises your recruit-ability in larger clinics that want to be able to offer these highly skilled treatments.

Facial contour Masterclass  – Learning objectives:

1) Introduction of the latest advanced non-surgical injection techniques

2) Facial Analysis – Anatomical/Artistic/Expressive

3) The aging face & ‘Facial proportions’

4) Volumetric facial rejuvenation

5) Cannula vs Needle – What you need to know

6) Tear-trough filler – live hands-on training:

– Orbital aging

– Periorbital anatomy – neurovascular architecture

– Suitable vs unsuitable candidates

– Product selection

– Pre-treatment assessment (Skin quality/Cavity/Orbital fat pad/Skin color)

– Tear-trough landmarks – Needle vs. Cannula technique

– Side effects and aftercare

7) Chin and Jaw filler – live hands-on training:

– Age-related fat and bone resorption

– Anatomy of the chin and jaw – neurovascular supply

– Chin profile enhancement – ​​Lengthening/Tapering/Protrusion

– Mandibular angle augmentation – Landmarks & Cannula technique

– Jaw enhancement – ​​Landmarks & Cannula technique

– Side effects and aftercare

8) Nose filler/Nose sculpting – live hands-on training:

– Anatomy of the nose (Nasal skeleton/Cartilage/Neurovascular supply)

– Indications (Bump/Correction of slope/Rebalance asymmetry/Flat nose bridge)

– Suitable vs Unsuitable candidates

– Assessment before treatment ( Contours/Nose Angles/Height & Width)

– Non-surgical rhinoplasty – Needle vs Cannula technique

– Side effects and aftercare

9) Combine aesthetic treatments and maximize results

10) Advanced Masterclass Certification

Cosmetic Cannula Masterclass – Learning Objectives:

1) Overview of Structural Enhancement vs Rejuvenation with Dermal Filler

2) Introduction to Microcannula for Facial Fillers

3) Cannula vs Needle – What You Need to Know

4) Microcannula Insertion Techniques, Tissue Layers and Retaining Ligaments

5) Temple Hollowing Correction:

– Anatomy and Process of Ageing

– Techniques of Treatment

6) Supra-Orbital (Brow Lift) Filler:

– Anatomy of Orbit and Roof

– Options for Brow lifting/ eye hooding

– Cannula Filling Technique

7) Forehead and Glabellar Static Lines Filling

– Anatomy

– When to treat with Toxin vs Filler

– Cannula Technique for Treatment with Filler

8) Mid Facial Rejuvenation with Cannula:

– Mid Face Anatomy and Layers

– Cannula vs Needle

– Structural Rejuvenation with Cannula

– Anatomical Contouring with Cannula

9) Dermal Filler Post Treatment Advice

10) Hyaluronidase (Hyalase) Protocol

11) Hands-on Practical Treatments in Clinical Setting

12) Cannula Masterclass Certification and Course Aftercare