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Derma Medical Foundation Course Injectables & Fillers (1 full day)


Derma Medical Advanced Course Injectables & Fillers (1 Full Day)


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The combined Injectables and Fillers course, held over 2 full days, is our most requested and popular option for new injection therapists. Here, the basic and advanced course have been combined where the delegate saves 20% on the original booking price! During two days, course participants will learn the 18 most requested injectables and fillers treatments. Together, the delegates will inject over 30 live models. Course participants will be able to obtain compensation insurance and immediately start treating their own clients.

✓ You learn 18 treatment steps:  This includes the 12 most common Botulinum Toxin treatments and 6 most common Dermal Fillers treatments offered in most clinics.

✓ You can offer your customers a wider portfolio of treatments:  Many customers are increasingly informed about advanced injection areas and request combined treatments that we teach during our courses.

 ✓ You are more employable if you choose to work in a clinic:   Many injection practitioners only attend basic training, which means that you, as an advanced injection practitioner, stand out with higher knowledge.

✓ Plenty of practical experience with live models after completing the course: All our combined training weekends contain approx. 50% practical injection work on over 30 live models.

✓ CPD Accredited:  You will receive 16 CPD points after completing the combined course with Derma Medical.

Combined Course (2 Full Days) – Learning objectives:

Basic techniques in Injectables treatments – live “hands-on” training:
– Glabella
– Wrinkles in the forehead
– Crow kicks

Basic techniques in Dermal Fillers treatments – live “hands-on” training:
– Nasolabial folds
– Marionette lines – Lip enhancement and shaping

Advanced techniques in Injectables – live “hands-on” training:
– Eyebrow
lifting – Nasal wrinkles / “Bunny lines”
– Visible gums when smiling / “Gummy smiles”
– “Smoke wrinkles” / “Smokers lines”
– Sour lips – Dimples
– “Turkey neck” (Nerfertiti lifts & Plastysmal ligaments)

– Jaw reduction for wide jaws
– Sweat treatment against hyperhidrosis

Advanced techniques in Dermal Filler – live “hands-on” training:
– Vermillion edge & Cupid’s bow enhancement
– Circumural sculpting
– Rejuvenation of deep lines
– Cheek volume
– Hand fillers – rejuvenation