Dr. Sanah Qasem is a full-time NHS physician and aesthetic injector who performs the latest basic and advanced treatments with neurotoxin and Dermal Fillers, Silhouette-soft one-stitch facelift, chemical skin treatments / skin rejuvenation treatments and Intralipotherapy body sculpting treatments. She combines her aesthetic work with fully booked clinics in Harley Street and Euston in London and works for the UK’s leading aesthetic company – Transform Medical Group. She is also a medical advisory board member for the aesthetic production company Intraline.

Dr. Qasem graduated from the School of Medicine and has been awarded prizes for academic and clinical excellence, as well as receiving grades for teaching and leadership. In addition to this, she has on two occasions been elected as a teaching leader. It is her experience of clinical education with knowledge and passion for aesthetic medicine that has led her to become a non-surgical teacher at Derma Medical.

Dr. Qasem is a talented injection therapist who uses his individual techniques and develops landmarks to learn the latest techniques in as many as 18 commonly used treatments. Her safe and quality-driven approach with attention to detail puts her as a fantastic injector in this field.