Dr Andreas Lindahl

Dr Lindahl completed medical school at Uppsala University in 2002 and began his career in 2003 at the Sundsvall Hospital Surgery Unit, famous for its advancements in hernial mesh surgery and suture techniques. In 2005, he moved back to Uppsala for further specialization in trauma- and breast cancer surgery. After being awarded a national scholarship in advanced breast reconstruction techniques in 2006 he was recruited to a combined Specialist/PhD program at the Department of Plastic Surgery at Uppsala Academic Hospital. He became board-certified in Plastic Surgery in 2012 and published a thesis on plastic surgery treatments of severe body injuries, which won him an award from the European Burn Association.

Dr Lindahl was a Fellow in Aesthetic Surgery with Dr Hober (featured in the book Plastic Surgery – The world’s top surgeons and clinics) after which he worked full time as an aesthetic surgeon with Dr Hober at Improva for three years. Dr Lindahl has been a lecturer and educator for Allergan in the fields of facial aesthetics and breast surgery. He has been a sought-after plastic surgeon at Art Clinic, Sweden for a number of years where he was head of non-invasive treatments.

Dr Lindahl is the founder and owner of Carovivakliniken (Caroviva Clinic) where he performs surgery within all areas of plastic surgery. He is a member of Svensk Plastikkirurgisk Förening (SPKF), Svensk Förening för Estetisk Plastikkirurgi (SFEP), Svenska Läkarförbundet and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).