Injectables & Dermal Fillers

Training Courses for
Dental Therapists

Dental Therapists undergo lots of training to qualify and have extensive knowledge of head and neck anatomy. Many are already giving injections regularly and performing many non-surgical treatments. Until now, many Dental Therapists have found it hard to break into the field of non-surgical aesthetics as many training companies would not accept them and some indemnity insurers won’t cover them. However, we are very pleased to confirm that our new course sponsors Cosmetic Insure will offer indemnity insurance to Dental Therapists meaning they can train with us in Injectables and Dermal Fillers. With many dentists now training in aesthetics and running clinics, there are great opportunities available for Dental Therapists.

Although many Dental Therapists love their roles, many also want better job security, flexibility and better standards of pay and recognition for their efforts.

Our mission is to help Dental Therapists across Sweden achieve these things and we believe the Medical Aesthetics Industry offers excellent opportunities for Dental Therapists looking for full or part-time work. Some choose to work part-time alongside their existing role and supplement their income, while others have chosen to change direction in their career and make aesthetics a full-time occupation. On a Derma Medical course, we will show you how to do both and give you the confidence to start practising straight away!

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Why Dental Therapists Should
Train in Aesthetics

As the Medical Aesthetics industry continues to grow year after year, demand for high-quality aesthetic treatments administered by highly skilled medical professionals is crucial if we are to ensure the highest standards in medical cosmetics are met. At Derma Medical, we don’t just train Dental Therapists in the latest advanced medical aesthetic techniques, but also provide immediate employment opportunities in the industry not offered elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss how a single weekend invested in training with Derma Medical could transform your current circumstances and help you enjoy Greater Wealth, Job Satisfaction and a Better Work/Life Balance we would love the opportunity to show you.

OTHM Level 7 Accredited Cosmetic Training